Thursday, May 20, 2010

Another Late Night

Daily word goal: 500 words
Yesterday's total: 317
Today's total: TBD

I stayed up waaaayyyy too late last night working on painting, and 4 hours of sleep just isn't conducive to quick firing synapses, so I expect I'll get no writing accomplished today. However, I've wrangled a promise out of the husband to watch Billy for a couple hours this evening so maybe after an afternoon nap and some coffee I'll be rarin' to go.

I might actually not submit anything for my group this month. Maybe I'll just be an editor-only and give myself a break. I'm still trying to convince myself that until my son goes to school, it's okay that I don't have the time or energy to be fully committed to this endeavor right now. Maybe it's old age setting in, but I just can't multitask as effectively as I used to. The chaos and clutter affects me like it never used to before.

Or maybe I just need to man up!



  1. I like the refraim that you are preparing for the years your son will be in school but do add that all the writing you get done now (which you are doing) is a bonus. So really you are ahead of yourself!

  2. My post today relates to that somewhat but you can't just fade into the woodwork. that's just not who you are. You're Super Karyn so grab the cape and cut the crap. Geezdo I have to do everything?