Saturday, November 27, 2010

Almost at the Finish...

Well, I didn't get ANY writing accomplished over the Thanksgiving holiday. I find it both disappointing, but cool, to see my progress this month in the sidebar to the right *waves in that general direction*.

Viewing that list, it's completely clear that unless I crank out a couple thousand words, I'm not going to make my 7500 word goal, and, dang it, I will be making some freebie art.

But on the other hand, writing has happened! I probably won't meet my goal this month, due to work, exhaustion, the holiday and a couple bouts with the common cold virus, but still, I wrote. I'm heading into the big scene in Chapter Three, and progress has been made.

Congrats to my Nano friends who are closing in on 50K (or who've reached it already, *cough-jealous-cough*)! No matter what happens between now and Nov. 30, I'm going to try and see this month as a victory.


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