Friday, February 4, 2011

Trying to figure it all out

This winter has been harsh. Lake effect snow storms, followed by blizzards and arctic temps that have left 2 feet of snow on my lawn and counting. I've definitely got the winter blahs, and it's affected my writing, as in, I haven't done any.

But it's not just the weather. I've been blocked, with this giant, messy, wreck of a plot confounding me. It's too big, I can't do it, I don't know how, all these things kept swirling around in my brain. But this morning I think I had an epiphany, and I realize that this minor subplot character that had come out of nowhere as a rival to my main character should actually be the Big Bad.

And of course, the scene that I'm stalled on is the one where I introduce this minor-now-big-bad-character. I knew he needed a bigger role subconsciously, and I couldn't move forward until I figured out what his deal was.

You know, the title of my mss should have clued me in to what the real drama was in this story. This whole time what I thought was my main plot, wasn't. Well, okay, it is the driving force of the book, but the real stuff is between this rival and my MC, and the choice she has to make......I think...

See? I'm still a bit muddied, but oh, heck. I'll figure it out. But I think I'm moving in the right direction.

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  1. Boy, do I feel your pain. How do 'real' writers do it?! How do you get your plot to weave together like a complicated but beautiful spider's web? There are a gazillion books devoted to it, so many that I just get more intimidated. But if you need someone to bounce plot bunnies off of, let me know, K...I could use the practice. ;)