Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Baby steps & I Write Like

Current WIP:
I've got some art commissions that are eating up my spare time right now, so I've only been able to tack on a couple hundred words to the current WIP, and I have a couple hand written pages of scrawled scene action, but things are moving slow over here. Plus there's been shower repairs and other domestic issues that have been pulling my focus away from creative endeavors.

I Write Like...

Some writer friends were posting this amusing site on Facebook today. It's called I Write Like and you basically put your manuscript text in, and it analyzes your writing and tells you what famous author your work is most comparable to. My result? Stephen King. Must be because of all the swear words. :D

I write like
Stephen King
I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

I don't know what it would say if you tried a rhyming picture book... hopefully one of my SCBWI mates will have a go and let me know.


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  1. Cari GaleziewskiJuly 19, 2010 at 6:57 AM

    Analysis says Ladybug, Ladybug is like Cory Doctorow (no idea who he is) and first chapter of Pirates MG novel says Dan Brown (not too shabby)