Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Gearing up for first conference

Daily Word Goal: 500
Todays's Total: 0

Well, sadly, between story time at the library, not feeling well, and some illustration work that took precedence, I got no writing accomplished. However, I'm happy to report that I did get some writing-related tasks accomplished. Namely, I have put together a submission packet for a regional SCBWI writing conference. Not only will it be my very first one ever attended, I'm actually entering one of my picture book manuscripts in the critique lottery. Fingers crossed for me. There are two picture book editors I'd love love love to give me words of wisdom. Hopefully my mss will be one of the lucky few that gets a critique slot.

Nathan Brandsford had an interesting post the other day about cognitive bias and how it relates to writers.

I commented that when I was young, naive, full of myself, (LOL) I thought that I was 'da bomb' when it came to writing. Then I got older, wiser, and a hell of a lot more cynical. Now I'm the polar opposite of smug and cocky. In fact, I'm so far on the other side, my writing is paralyzed by self doubt.

Today at the library, while my son was running amok, I checked out a few of the first pages of some of the newer MG fantasy novels. What surprised me was that, while they were all good, I didn't see myself as being that far off quality-wise. They might be the big leagues, but I'm an up and comer in the farm system. If I keep working at it, I might just get called up sooner than I thought! (Baseball reference for my Cardinals-crazy husband, who I know is reading this blog... right honey?)

Anyway. It was a good moment for me. A little swagger returned.

Lastly, those published books were breaking all the no-no rules people keep telling you not to do when you start your book. I saw a prologue. One book started off with world-building description. Etc. All rules can be broken if they're broken well.

Whew. Lots of random thoughts tonight. Now I'm off to catch up on Shear Genius and go to sleep. I think I'm coming down with my son's cold. Hopefully it's just allergies.


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  1. I can't tell you how inspired I am by this blog, Karyn! Wait, I just did. Annnnywho...

    Okay, I give. What's 'MG fantasy'? Google was of no use whatsoever.

    The very best of luck at the conference! I take it this weekend is the big date? I have every faith that you're the up-and-comer to look out for. And regarding 'breaking rules' in writing, you simply have to know WHEN to break them, and do it well! The reason they became rules was because the habits/techniques were done so poorly and so frequently; they became cheap crutches that didn't serve the story at all. That's my theory, anyway. If it's conspicous to the reader, you've effed it up.

    Okay, I'm blathering. Let me know how the conference goes! I might just ape you and start my own writing blog, to force myself to write. Man, the spirit is willing but the body is weak...