Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Writing Log: March 17

Daily Word Goal: 500
Today's Total: unknown

As I'm writing this, it's technically no longer St. Patrick's Day, but my day doesn't end until I hit the hay, no matter what the clock says. So Happy St. Pat's!

Even though I didn't blog yesterday, I was sort of productive. I managed to free write about 208 words. That's well shy of my daily quota, but at least it was something, and I might actually use it for chapter two. I also found some old floppy discs from 1993-1995 that had some of my short stories from my upper level college creative writing courses. They're all pretentious and angst-y, and written in Word 2.0, which modern computers can no longer recognize. I had to open them in notepad alongside a lot of gobbledygook. Pretty entertaining, and kind of disturbing to read my youthful literary pretensions. And Freud would have a field day with my material. However, despite the awfulness, some of them still resonate with me, and I will probably tinker with them just for fun to see if more-mature-me can make something of them.

Tonight I had some art business to take care of. However, I did pull out a couple blank sheets of paper, a felt tip pen, and wrote out about 4 pages of stream of conscious notes about character and plot for the upcoming few chapters. So technically I missed my word quota again, but I'm going to consider 4 pages of hand written notes and a brand new discovered subplot that arose directly from my character exploration a victory for today.

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