Wednesday, June 2, 2010

rejection in my inbox today

I was surprised to find an agent rejection in my inbox after lunch today!

The rejection was a response to a query I made on February 15, for one of my picture books, and it was a very nicely written form letter. At least, I'm assuming it was a form letter. It did mention that my book was "charming" and I'm going to tell myself that they modified their standard form rejection to include that nice little adjective just for me.


I'm actually happy to see it. Just a little more than 2 months for a response, and it was long enough ago that I've lost the freaked out anxious feeling I had when I submitted it. It's actually a nice reminder that I CAN and DO finish books, and I am moving forward with my writing endeavors.



  1. Um, it's actually a little more than 3 months...but your story is still charming!

  2. Of course they put in the "charming" just for you because not all stories ARE charming. But that just begs the question, If it's so charming, why don't they want it? Such a crazy business!!

  3. Hey, that's actually kinda cool! I mean, sure, an acceptance letter would be the bee's knees but YES, you finished and YES, you're charming! It's only a matter of time before you get "Congratulations! We'd love to have......."