Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Home again.

Daily Word Goal: 500
Today's Total : 0

Well, the trip to Ohio to see my husband's family was good, but even though I opened my lap top a few times, I only managed to helplessly pick at what I'd already written. So, no significant writing happened over the weekend. My time since has been taken up with taxes, which I've finished tonight, thank GOD.

During the 4.5 hour car ride home, I read Patricia Brigg's latest Mercy book, "Silver Borne" on my Kindle. For the most part I thoroughly enjoyed it, but I was really ticked off by a Deus ex machina of a happily ever after for one of the supporting characters that was WAY too quickly done. It's times like that I wish I was an editor for a successful series. I'd be all like,
"Ooh, great idea, but let's just hint at it. Save the actual HEA for your next short story or subplot in the next book."
I mean, come on, we'd all rush out to buy it and see what happens next. And it won't feel so forced and cheesy.

Oh well. I'm just a hobbyist over here, and have no right to judge.

And thanks to Hadley who fed my friend Widget the Hamster while I was away. :D



  1. Hey, how do you like your Kindle? I confess, I couldn't get through the FIRST Mercy book, though I may yet finish it. HEA is my LEAST favorite ending. I'm such a curmudgeon...

  2. I like my kindle muchly. The things I like most: It's comfortable to hold, I don't have to wait to get a book I want, and since I only buy paperbacks, now I don't have to wait for the paperback version of a book I want to try, because the price is only slightly more.

    I love HEA, but not when they're just plopped in there. Of course, I love romance novels, so I can't help myself.