Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Rejections are GOOD

Daily Word Goal: 500 words
Today's Total: Unknown so far.

Well I was surprised this morning with an agent rejection in my in box. I'm actually happy to see it. Okay, well, not totally happy. I would rather it was a big fat yes! But I'd given up on hearing anything from the rest of my outstanding submissions on this particular project, and I like the closure.

But it IS a positive. It reminds me that despite my recent wailing and angst-ing to the contrary about my novel in progress, I HAVE finished something. I've sent it out there. I'm actively working on my writing career. I'm not a loser who can't make her daily writing goals.


I can't wait to get my critique on this piece at the writers conference so I can tweak the story and send another wave of queries out. :D



  1. Congratulations? But seriously, I know what you mean. It's tougher to make progress if you aren't getting feedback beyond the tip of your nose. I'd far sooner get a rejection than no comment at all.

  2. You have a great attitude toward the process! That's going to make a HUGE difference in the long run. Persistence pays off!

  3. Time to get somemore out there!!!