Saturday, April 3, 2010

SCBWI-MI Conference

Daily Word Goal: 500
Today's Total: 0

I'm so excited! I just finished up my conference registration and sent it in the mail today.

This is the first conference I've ever been to, and other members of my critique group are going as well, so I won't be all alone and paralyzed with fear. Strength in numbers, yes?

And the very best, most exciting part of all? I got word that my picture book manuscript made it through the critique lottery and I have a tentative critique all lined up with a children's book editor.

I can't wait to get it ripped to shreds and see just what I'm doing wrong. I'm being serious about that. I have a fairly good idea about what works and what doesn't in novels, but picture books? I'm a total novice in that art form.

The bad news: No writing today. I did jot down a scene idea that came to me first thing this morning. Most of the day was taken up with excursions with my husband and son to antique malls to look for beads (my new obsession). I spent the day either doing family stuff or tearing beaded necklaces apart and tinkering with my beading stuff.

Tomorrow: Easter. We have no plans, so hopefully I'll be productive.



  1. I like the 500-daily word count idea. That doesn't seem TOO daunting...

  2. Going to conferences is a great way to really jumpstart your career. I know attending the PPWC has done more for me than anything else. Good luck!

  3. Congrats on getting set to go to the conference! I'm about to attend a blogging conference. I know it's nothing like a real writers' conference, but I've never been to one so I feel your pain.

    And congrats on the picture book manuscript! How exciting! I think that exciting news is worthy of a day off from writing.

  4. I've never been to a conference, but I'm dying to go. And it's great that you are getting an editor crit. Oh! And by the way, that hamster app is SO cool! I could play with that thing all day ;)