Monday, April 19, 2010

Move Along. Move Along.

Thanks for the comments on my last posted excerpt. Now that I've posted that bit of writing, and the world didn't implode from the sheer horror of it all, I think I've let go of some of the angst I was experiencing.

Now I just need to find some quiet time to work on the rest of the chapter. For example, hard to write when you have the Imagination Movers singing and are listening to your preschooler interact with a two foot high robotic Elmo, who keeps falling down, sneezing, dancing to kids techno-disco and getting tickled.

...and now I just diverted my son who tried to put said robo-Elmo on my laptop to keep me from typing.

I could switch gears and work on my newest picture book in progress about a good night kiss. It's easier to concentrate on short pieces like that with the boy around. Or maybe it's just that the kid madness is more conducive to the kid story.

No daily word accounting up top yet. Hopefully there will be some by the end of the day.



  1. I just think this situation needs some la la!

  2. I'm going to piggy back on la la la, la la la la, Elmo's World! For me Karyn it's, It's the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, come inside, it's fun inside! That's why I write at night. lol